033 Britain's Moral Disaster
"A Solemn Address To The People Of Great Britain"
Charles D. Alexander
All By Grace
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This Manifesto, which has been the subject of addresses by the Rev. C. D. Alexander in various parts of the country, is now being made available for distribution on the widest possible scale. Copies have been sent to leaders of the nation in their various spheres, and it is hoped with the co-operation of our friends to place it in the hands of ordinary citizens and members of churches up and down the country. Contributions to cover the cost of circulation, postages, etc., are needed, and friends are also invited to undertake distribution in their own areas and to their own M.P.s, church leaders, political personalities, etc.

The moral disintegration of Great Britain in Church and Parliament, Press and University, home and family, is the most appalling crisis ever to visit our beloved land.

In one decade Britain has lost her commanding position in the moral leadership and enlightenment of the nations and has been rendered despicable by her supine policies at home and abroad.

No class of our society and no one political party can escape its burden of guilt for this position. Our troubles have not sprung from our inept economic policies, but from one over-riding cause. As a people we have swept aside, with reckless disregard for consequences, the pure and holy Law of God and the reverence due to His Name and His Word.

Judgment is falling successively and relentlessly upon the guilty men and institutions chiefly responsible for our moral disaster.


Our religious leaders are guilty men. Religion has lost its voice in the counsels of the nation because our principal denominations have surrendered their heritage to the forces of superstition, atheism and compromise. They have one thing in common. They have discarded the Holy Scriptures as the sole divine guide, inerrant, infallible and authoritative, in all matters of faith and morals.

The doctrine of the Holy Scripture, which reformed our Faith and enlightened the world four centuries ago, and laid the foundation of our national greatness, has been surrendered to philosophies which darken the mind of man and destroy his true liberty and wellbeing.

The National Establishment (the Anglican Church) through the policy of its leaders, in pursuit of a false and delusive “unity” is busily engaged in turning itself into a fief of the Bishopric of Rome, and its dignitaries with increasing boldness have assured us that Papal Supremacy is the logical end of their road. It is already too late for them to hold their horses.

Meanwhile, nonconformity, which once held securely in reverent hands, the conscience of Britain, has destroyed itself from within by capitulation to theological rationalism, discarding the Bible and repudiating the evangelical faith.

In the vacuum created by the abdication of Protestantism, political leaders defer only to the Bishop of Rome in matters of religion—for the men of this world have reverence only for power or the appearance of power.


Our political leaders are guilty men. The sponsors of this address disclaim all party political prejudice in what they now say.

The Conservative Party has incurred the Divine judgment. Its shameful dismissal from office came not because it grew stale, but because it ran away from the best principles of its past, betrayed country and commonwealth, and flagrantly disregarded and flouted the laws of God, of decency and of common sense.

The Butler Betting Act not only sealed the fate of its advocate, and subsequently of the party of which he might have been the leader, but opened the floodgates of vice, violence, corruption, and the subversion of justice. It introduced the Torture Gang and inaugurated the reign of the Gambling Barons.

The hole in the dyke quickly became a breach to let in the ocean. Blind leaders led our country into the moral ditch, and so far the great Conservative Party shows no signs of recognising its crime or repenting of it. It has returned to office over the ruins of socialism, but so long as it is under the just displeasure of Almighty God, it will not prove successful in its policies.

Parliament has built up for itself an appalling record of ungodly legislation. It has provided facilities for the enactment of some of the most morally reprehensible legislation ever passed in so short a space of time by any Parliament we have record of in history. Sodomy, No Hanging, Abortion, Sabbath Desecration and Easier Divorce have been or are in process of being the subjects of Acts of’ Parliament during the lifetime of the present administration.

The politicians may not appreciate our point, but it is not with them that we have to do. Our appeal is to the Commonalty of Britain, who are in the end the people who matter, who are there all the time, and who will still be there to be reckoned with when we have buried the politicians. We protest to them that the failure of our rulers in everything, to which they have set their hands, is the consequence of a Divine judgment because of the law which they have ignored and subverted. To them and to all men to whom power and eminence have been given, are addressed the solemn words of the Lord God of Hosts:

The kings of earth and the rulers of the people have taken counsel together against the Lord and against his Christ, saying, Let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us. HE THAT SITTETH IN THE HEAVENS SHALL LAUGH. THE LORD SHALL HAVE THEM IN DERISION ....      
The Second Psalm

Under the rule of these men the name of Britain has become a byword, an international scandal and a derision.


Our educational planners and many of those who carry out their policies are guilty men. The bond between parent and child is being steadily eroded by the State machine. Our liberties are being filched from beneath our eyes in the sacred name of “democracy.” The “science” taught in the schools and colleges has barred God from Creation and supplanted Him by a mediocrity known as The Humanist, of which there are more than enough in the Government and out of it. Rejecting the Divine Law, written for all time in the Bible, they have sought for a formula to fit in with the dogma of evolution, that handmaid of atheism and communism and materialistic psychology. Perverted ideas of adultery, drug addiction, promiscuity, and “self-expression” are taking their toll in college and university.

A highly-intelligent and respected “Rector” was driven from his honorary post in Edinburgh University (of all places) by a deliberate conspiracy of students bent upon exploiting the present crusade for moral laxity. The Oxford Union debate and the Reith Lectures show how far the rot of atheism and licence has gone in our great institutions of learning. University Dons are busy creating in the place of God and truth and righteousness, a monster which may soon be fated to devour them and their institutions. It is a new phenomenon in the history of man that the young should devour their parents, but they are now carrying banners on the university campus calling for the end of the rule of elders over youth.


We protest that it was the Reformation which made Britain great and it was the preaching of the Word of God in these islands which raised us among the nations to be the noblest, safest, freest, most righteous and just administrator of the laws of God and man and gave us our civilising mission to the ends of the earth, conferring upon backward nations an almost universal language, laws, liberty and security, and above all open doors for the preaching of the Divine Word.

All that has gone—and it has gone inside 25 years, if not in less. We are ruled by men to whom our past greatness does not mean a thing, and who by their deeds profess they are ashamed of the history of the land which gave them birth and liberty. We have dissolved the Empire and created in its place a monstrous affair misnamed the Commonwealth, in which the alleged “mother” country is treated with contempt and insult. We have, under the rule of successive administrations of guilty men, abdicated our responsibilities, handed over a large part of our destinies to the unspeakable “United Nations,” entreated ignominiously to be admitted to a dubious European order, debased our currency, stripped off our defences, and compromised our entire future while the firmament darkens with the menace of world-wide violence.

We are faced with the total eclipse of our national character and our distinctive genius and purpose. The best elements of our population are fleeing from these shores. State socialism (which is communism by degrees), the increasing power of the bureaucracy, the burden of taxes, the subsidies paid to the idle and the thriftless—these have undermined our economy and our currency. We no longer have a Government in being or in prospect strong enough and with moral energy enough to reverse the gears.

The judiciary is helpless to deter the criminal and the police are helpless to protect society against the thug, the robber and the manslayer. Legislation, which loads the dice on the side of the criminal, is enthusiastically pursued; arid we look in vain for bold and enlightened leadership from any of our timeserving political parties.

The sins which destroyed Sodom are here. They are “pride, fullness of bread and abundance of idleness” (Ezekiel 16:49). These are Britain’s sins, and in view thereof we would solemnly and earnestly call our fellow countrymen to repentance, our churches to cut out the cancer of unbelief which is strangling the pulpit and emptying the pew, and our statesmen to consider the words addressed peculiarly to them in the Divine Word:


The Second Psalm


Mr. Charles D. Alexander, the writer of this Solemn Address is a minister of the gospel in Liverpool. A former journalist, he wields a formidable pen and is the author of numerous pamphlets in which the constant objective is to expose the evils which now afflict Church and State.

He is well-known in evangelical-Reformed circles throughout the country and his services are in increasing demand in those places where the Reformed-Calvinistic exposition of the Word of God in its prophetic fullness is seen as the only message for the times in which we live.

He is a ruthless exposer of the shallow thinking and inept pulpiteering now so rife in the evangelical world.

Note: More than 50,000 of these manifestos on Britain’s Moral Disaster have gone out and all
M. P.’s have received a copy.


Mr. Alexander passed away in 1991 and this manifesto is thus dated before that year. However, the situation has continued to worsen and what Mr. Alexander decries is as true of America as it is of Britain.