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The following note was sent to subscribers and it is included for you insight into the missionary mind of Charles D. Alexander and his sponsors.

MARCH 1983

To Our Readers
We enclose our financial statement and balance as at 31st December 1982 on which is reflected the continued appreciation and kindness of our many friends near and far. For all those who have contributed to this ministry, we express our grateful. thanks. Without your generous support the work could not be sustained.
Many of our readers who have been receiving literature over the years will have noticed, latterly, the increasing interval of time between publications; a word of explanation may be appropriate and especially in view of the fact that we are presently considering various proposals for the continuation and extension of the Bible Exposition Fellowship.

Our friends may not be aware of the advancing years of Mr. Alexander (we were pleased to congratulate him on New Years Day on entering into his 80th year). Although in excellent physical health he does find it increasingly difficult to concentrate the vast resources of expository manuscripts (the fruit of sixty years hard work and study) into the necessary format for publication. With these factors in mind we are looking for the best means of bringing the available expositions and sermons to the notice and benefit of our readers.

Those of us who have been involved over the past fifteen years with the preparation and distribution of literature feel most strongly that this ministry must continue and extend. To this end and in the very near future we intend to circulate a full list of titles previously circulated over the years, also to commence a tape ministry based upon a selection of over a thousand addresses — these tapes would be on a straight sale basis (minimum cost). Comment or suggestion from our readers would be a help in determining our future course and would be most welcome.

We should emphasise, lest we give our readers the impression that the series of next expositions is at an end, that the object of this letter, is to express our longer term thoughts for the future. We do trust, in the continued mercy of our God, that we may see the completion of the Song of Solomon and may be further treasures from the Word, brought to us through the enlightened pen of our esteemed brother.

To the above I add that before Brother Alexander was able to complete the exposition of Song he was prevented in the good providence of God from doing so.

Bible Exposition Fellowship