048-01 The Royal Writer And His Holy Inspiration
Sola Christus          
Sola Scriptura           
Sola Gratia           
Sola Fida           
Soli Deo Gloria
048-02 The Bride's Dilema And The Royal Wine Of Heaven
All By Grace
048-03 The Name Above All Names
The Heavenly Mystery Of The Song Of Songs
Charles D. Alexander
ABGHome Page
Alexander Page
Charles D. Alexander
048-04 The Goal Of Divine Love
Sermon Title:
Sermon Text:
Song Of Songs
Song 1:2
Song 1:3
Song 1:4
048-05 Black But Comely - The Way Of The Cross
Song 1:5-6
048-06 The Pathway Of Love Is The Pathway Of Life
Song 1:7-8
048-07 Heavenly Squadrons And The Magdalen Mystery
Song 1:9-12
048-08 The Mystic Woman And Her Bundle Of Myrrh
Song 1:13-17
048-09 Addendum
Editors Note: This series on The Song of Songs was published circa 1975 by The Bible Exposition Fellowship. The following is from the inside cover:

Founded in 1965 by the late John Wesley Walker of Strood, Kent, in association with Chas. D. Alexander of Liverpool, as a plea for a more serious approach to the exposition and understanding of the Word of God.

The Fellowship is committed entirely to the doctrines reasserted at the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century and the upholding of the historic creeds of the Christian Church, known as THE APOSTLES’, THE NICENE, and THE ATHANASIAN.

There are only eight parts of this series extant and they only cover chapter 1. Brother Alexander says, “…when we come to chapter 5…” and also “This we hope to show when our commentary reaches the last chapter of the Song….” and alas he apparently did not, in God’s perfect providence do so.