Mr. Charles D. Alexander of Liverpool, England made several evangelistic visits to the United States and I had the privilege of hearing him preach. On two occasions in the early 1970’s I had meetings with him and some other pastors. About 1995 I sent letters to every address that I could find on his articles and received no answers. I also searched the Internet without success.

Mr. Alexander wrote that he wanted his writings to be given wide circulation. “You are urged to introduce this service to others.”

Since about 1969, until the passing of Mr. Alexander, I received his articles and kept everything. It was my desire to put Mr. Alexander’s writings on the Internet so more people, especially of this generation could learn what God gave to him. Through this website that desire is being realized. One result of the Internet is that I have heard from people in Australia, England, and the U.S. who knew Mr. Alexander and also want to see his articles made available. Through email exchanges and comparing old files I was able to collect all but two items. One is “Divine Dialogs – Part 2” and the other is his commentary on Song, Chapter 2.

I would respectfully challenge any preacher to read Mr. Alexander’s series on Prophecy Spiritually Understood [Serial Numbers 041-1 thru 041-6] and be able to refute his principles of interpretation of prophecy. A biographical sketch is in Serial Number 000-2. There is also a Synopsis of Mr. Alexander's life in Serial Number 000-3.

Some of his sermons are available on audiotape from Chapel Library, Email:

Mr. Alexander was a humble man who went against the popular flow in his generation and could not have known how prophetic he was of the decay of biblical exposition in this generation. In my opinion Mr. Alexander’s expositions are unique and irrefutable.

Jim Gunn
Vineland Park Baptist Church
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The Incarnation
A twelve part series on the Incarnation of Messiah.
Prophecy Spiritually Understood
A six part series on Biblical Prophecy
Expositional Series By Mr. Alexander
A twenty part series covering Chapters 1 through 11:42,
with an introductory look at the Author and his message.
Other Expositions By Mr. Alexander
The Writings of Charles D. Alexander
A Spiritual Exposition of The Book of Revelation
A twenty-five part series on Revelation
The Heavenly Mystery Of The Song Of Songs
And eight part series on the first chapter of the Song Of Solomon