James A. "Jim" Gunn
Brother Jim Gunn is an Elder at Vineland Park Baptist Church in Hueytown Alabama. I have known Brother Jim for over twenty-five years and I know without a doubt that the Lord's providence brought us together. He has blessed and continues to bless my life as my mentor, friend, and brother in Christ. The following are some of Brother Jim's sermons and writings.
Six sermons from the book of Jonah. 
This series of expositions on the Gospel of John contains 61 sermons. They were preached at Vineland Park Baptist Church between March 28, 2004 and June 11, 2006.
This is a study of the entire book of Romans containing 100 sermons.
The series was preached at Vineland Park Baptist Church from April 1, 2001 to January 11, 2004.
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Expositions from the Scriptures
Bro. Jim's Writings & Bible Studies
All By Grace
Sola Scriptura          Sola Christus          Sola Gratia          Sola Fide          Soli Deo Gloria
"To the praise and glory of His Grace"
"I stand at the door and knock"
An ongoing study of the Book of Revelation beginning on July 30, 2006. 
A series of sermons on the Minor Prophets beginning on October 26, 2008.