Robert Alfred Gibbs
October 1, 1917 - July 14, 2004
Mr. Alfred Gibbs had been a resident of Self Nursing Home in Hueytown Alabama since March 30, 2002. Along with his wife Dot he became a beloved member of the nursing home family. On Wednesday July 14, 2004 at 9:25 in the evening Mr. Gibbs departed this life with his wife, two of his daughters, and two of his grandchildren at his bedside. This page is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Gibbs who was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, and father-in-law.

Mr. Gibbs was born in Tony Alabama a small town outside Huntsville on October 1, 1917. He was the fourth of six children born to Ben and Charlotte Gibbs. He grew up on the farm along with his brothers and sisters during the 20's and 30's. Mr. Gibbs came to Birmingham in the early 40's where he met a young woman named Dorothy Kennington and in April of 1942 they became Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Gibbs.

The Gibbs' lived in Birmingham until 1950 when they, along with daughter Ann, moved to Sylacauga Alabama. They settled into life there and welcomed a second daughter, Robyn, in 1951 and a third, Karen, in 1953. Mr. Gibbs worked as a salesman while Mrs. Gibbs worked at the local newspaper and enjoyed being a member of a bridge club and other activities.

Around 1970 Mr. Gibbs gave up life as a salesman and purchased the Chevron gas station on Ft. Williams road in Sylacauga. He quickly became a fixture in Sylacauga business life and everyone in town knew Mr. Gibbs. Anytime you stopped by "the station" you could find him working on cars or talking to customers. And when I say talking I mean talking! Mr. Gibbs had a wonderful personality with customers and, as the old saying goes, could carry on a conversation with at fence post. He was a fixture at the local restaurant where he would meet friends early in the morning for coffee and breakfast before the business day began.

Mr. Gibbs continued to work in the gas business first at the Chevron station and then across the street at the Union 76 station until 1983 at which time he sold his station and "retired" at the age of 65. After two weeks of retirement he grew restless and went to work for a local gas supplier and managed several convenience stores in the Sylacauga area. Mr. Gibbs continued to work finally retiring, against his will I might add, at the age of 82 at which time he was working at a local auto parts store. 

During the years he was a business owner in Sylacauga Mr. Gibbs continued to welcome new
son-in-laws and grandchildren into his family. In December of 1970 he welcomed a young man named Walter Swain as a son-in-law who married his middle daughter Robyn. Walter and Robyn are still married today and are more happy than ever after 35 years as husband and wife.

Mr. Gibbs was a fine and decent man. He provided for his family and was always ready to talk about them to anyone who would listen. He loved to read the newspaper from front to back every day and he loved baseball, especially the Atlanta Braves. He could tell you more about baseball than you wanted to hear sometimes. He enjoyed his grandchildren and children visiting him and was never ready to see them go home. He loved to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Walter and Robyn's house and he and Dot did so for almost 30 years. He loved barbeque pork chops, chicken, ribs, and steaks grilled out on the deck. He always crunched on the ice left in his tea glass and enjoyed a good nap on the couch better than anyone I have ever seen. He enjoyed a cold glass of buttermilk and loved to talk to anyone that would listen about whatever subject you liked. After moving to the nursing home in 2002 he became a friend to the other residents and loved coming to church on Sunday with Robyn. I don't think in the thirty-five years that I knew Mr. Gibbs that I ever saw him meet a stranger. Mr. Gibbs lived all of his 86 years and 9 months in good health except for open heart surgery when he was 79 and the last few months of his life. Overall Mr. Gibbs had a full and rich life enjoying the love of his family all his years.

Mr. Gibbs leaves behind his wife of 62 years Dorothy Kennington Gibbs, his daughters Ann, Robyn, and Karen. Grandchildren Allen, Ryan, Jennifer, Jamie, Paul, and Earl. His great-grandchildren Stephanie, Robbie, Cole, and Brody. Mr. Gibbs is buried in his beloved Sylacauga.

A Tribute To A Father-In-Law
By Walter Swain
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